News Desk – How to search for useful ASX news

One of the key features of BullCharts is the News Desk tool. It provides access to company announcement news from the ASX, and includes a powerful search tool. There are three different types of news/announcements you can search for, one of which is very powerful – the search by Headline […]

How to move BullCharts to another computer

From time to time a BullCharts user may want to move their BullCharts software and data to another computer. This might be for any number of reasons, but most commonly when upgrading from an old computer to a new one. This article explains the process. For an explanation of the […]

User data files – What are they and where are they?

This KB article explains what we mean by “user data files”, and where you can find them. “User Data Files” – what are they? When using BullCharts, a user might create one or more WatchLists, and add stocks to the WatchLists. They might also write new Scans, and maybe customise […]