Message: This Watchlist could not be loaded

BullCharts scan “Watchlist not loaded” info message

There are times when you might see the message “This Watchlist could not be loaded” information warning message, as in the accompanying screen shot sample.

This might occur whilst setting up a BullCharts scan, or copying an existing one, or viewing an old one, or saving one that has been sent to you by another BC user.

This is simply a warning, or informational, message. To address this, note the following steps:

  1. Click on the “OK” button to accept the message and continue.
  2. In the Scan Definition, go to the tab: “3. Securities” (see screen shot sample below);
  3. Look at the “Securities to Scan” in the right hand side of the dialogue box, and click once on the watchlist(s) to be “Removed”, then
  4. Click on the “<< Remove” button.
  5. Then in the left hand side of the dialogue box, search through the list of “Available Security Groups:” and click on the desired watchlist to be scanned, and click on the “Add >>” button to add it to the list on the right, the “Securities to Scan:”. Repeat this step for any other watchlists to be included in this scan.
  6. That’s it. Now run the scan again.
BullCharts Scan definition – which watchlists?

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