About Security Manager, Control Panel, BullScan and more

A key feature of the BullCharts window and operations is the BullCharts Control Panel (pictured at right) which includes access to six key functions: Security Manager, BullScan Manager Search Layer Manager Workspace Manager Layer Manager. About Control Panel etc These six functions are accessed using the tabs across the bottom […]

BullCharts File Types

There are a number of different types of data files used within the BullCharts system, as listed below. Most BullCharts users will not have to worry about these for everyday use of BullCharts; but it can be useful to know which is which when sending, or receiving, custom scans and […]

View NewsWatch

This BullCharts feature will display a list of recent news announcements for all securities in a specific watchlist, as shown in the screenshot sample below. For any given watchlist, simply right-click on the watchlist name (in the above example, this is “Banks” and select “View NewsWatch” from the drop-down menu. […]

Watchlist Report Window

BullCharts software includes a feature whereby you can see a list of all of your watchlists in which a particular stock is listed. For example, let’s say you have CBA listed in several of your watchlists, but you are not sure which watchlists. So, you want to see a list […]

How to Insert Security

There are situations where you might want to “insert a security” to an existing price chart. That is, for example, you might have a price chart of a bank (eg. CBA) and you want to add in a price plot of one or more of its competitor banks. The resulting […]

Colour watchlist entries

How to colour the entries in a watchlist One of the key features in BullCharts is to colour an entry in a watchlist, as shown in the example in the adjacent screenshot. This simple watchlist has just the four main banks, and each entry in the watchlist has been coloured […]