Security Manager Control Panel won’t dock

In the BullCharts software, the Security Manager / BullScan Manager / Control Panel can be visible, or hidden. By default it is docked at the right hand edge of the BullCharts window. It can be “unpinned” so that it will auto-hide and collapse into the right edge of the window […]

Sound not working in webinar, or slow response

The Australian BullCharts User Group has been running monthly online user group webinar sessions on a monthly basis. Occasionally there are problems with the session which are often just affecting a particular webinar participant. This might due to a slow internet connection causing a delay, or perhaps the sound is […]

My scan won’t run

Under some conditions you might find that you want to run a scan in BullCharts, but the “Apply and Run” button is greyed out, or the “Run Scan” button or option is just not available. Reason – On the few occasions that this might happen, it is likely to be […]

Donchian Channel in BullCharts – What works for me

This 28-minute video shows David Woodside’s customisation of the Donchian Channel technical analysis chart indicator in BullCharts, with explanations and descriptions and a Q&A session at the end. In this session David explains some background about his charting preferences, and how he uses the charts and customises some indicators (eg. […]

IntelliCharts – What is it? How to use it?

About the BullCharts IntelliCharts feature When you view a price chart it is easy to quickly draw a trendline on the chart, or drop a piece of text, or an icon like a little arrow, a number, or an icon symbol of a pair of spectacles (indicating to “watch”), or […]

News Desk – How to search for useful ASX news

One of the key features of BullCharts is the News Desk tool. It provides access to company announcement news from the ASX, and includes a powerful search tool. There are three different types of news/announcements you can search for, one of which is very powerful – the search by Headline […]

How to move BullCharts to another computer

From time to time a BullCharts user may want to move their BullCharts software and data to another computer. This might be for any number of reasons, but most commonly when upgrading from an old computer to a new one. This article explains the process. For an explanation of the […]

User data files – What are they and where are they?

This KB article explains what we mean by “user data files”, and where you can find them. “User Data Files” – what are they? When using BullCharts, a user might create one or more WatchLists, and add stocks to the WatchLists. They might also write new Scans, and maybe customise […]