Dividends – How to find dividend details

In BullCharts, there are several dividend related data items that are stored in the BullCharts database. A list of all fundamental data items, including dividend details, can be displayed on the screen, and some indicators can be added to your price chart to flag the ex-dividend date and dividend payment […]

Indicator files – Custom and Supplied

Question: How do you know if a BullCharts chart indicator is a “supplied” one, or a “custom” one? This, and other related information, is explained in this KnowledgeBase article. Introduction In the BullCharts software, each chart indicator is stored in the system as a separate file on the computer’s hard […]

Heikin Ashi – candles, indicator

The Heikin-Ashi technique is used by technical traders to identify a given trend more easily. BullCharts software can easily display the Heikin Ashi candles (using the menu option: Insert > Indicator). Here is a good 50 minute presentation from Alek Jankowski on how to use and interpret Heikin Ashi in […]

BullCharts – What is it really?

Over the years we have built up a collection of how-to and demonstration videos, many of which have been recorded during the monthly BullCharts User Group (BCUG) webinar sessions. Most of the videos are publicly available to view on YouTube. Below are a couple of introduction videos, explaining the basics […]

Linear Regression – tool and strategy

Linear Regression lines The Linear Regression tool is just one of many tools that are available in the BullCharts charting software. The adjacent price chart shows a simplistic example of a regression line on a price chart of the All Ordinaries (XAO) index. In this Knowledgebase article, there is a […]

Intraday data missing

For those BullCharts users with a “live data” plan, enabling them to view intraday price charts, there can sometimes be an issue with missing intraday data. This KB article explains how to address that. Problem description How can you tell if there is any intraday data missing? Simply view a […]

Additional Databases – INDEX, COM, MFUND, etc

The standard BullCharts ASX database comprises a list of all securities that currently exist on the ASX exchange. The total number tends to change from day to day as securities are split, merged, floated, and pending various changes. In addition to the ASX database, you can download additional databases from […]