Colour watchlist entries

How to colour the entries in a watchlist One of the key features in BullCharts is to colour an entry in a watchlist, as shown in the example in the adjacent screenshot. This simple watchlist has just the four main banks, and each entry has been coloured a separate colour. […]

Display problems and issues

From time to time there can be various issues with the display of text, drop-downs, or other information on the BullCharts screen. This is often to do with the screen resolution, as on the high resolution monitors. Example – “Symbol:” text is truncated In the adjacent screen shot (below), note […]

Last Scan Results

When you run a scan in BullCharts, the scan will produce a table of results we refer to as the “Scan Results Table”. The scan will also produce a new watchlist named “Last Scan Results”, which will replace an earlier version if it exists. In addition, the scan will save […]

Template changes not saved

Creating a new price chart template, and then adding the template to the Template Toolbar, are key features of BullCharts to help you work faster (and smarter). But there are times when the modifications to a template appear to be not working. That is, you make a change to a […]

Moving Average of Momentum = Smoothed Momentum

Many technical analysts like to include a “Moving Average of Momentum” on the Momentum indicator on their price chart. On a weekly chart of the All Ordinaries (XAO) index, it could look like the example below. In this example chart, the Momentum is the red jagged line in the upper […]

Colour (Color) Attribute – list of colours

Colour (Color) Attribute There is a very long list of named colours for use in BullCharts script. The snaphot at right shows a selection. They are listed in the BullCharts Attribute Reference KB article here. This includes more description about how and where to use this.

Security Manager Control Panel won’t dock

In the BullCharts software, the Security Manager / BullScan Manager / Control Panel can be visible, or hidden. By default it is docked at the right hand edge of the BullCharts window. It can be “unpinned” so that it will auto-hide and collapse into the right edge of the window […]

Sound not working in webinar, or slow response

The Australian BullCharts User Group has been running monthly online user group webinar sessions on a monthly basis. Occasionally there are problems with the session which are often just affecting a particular webinar participant. This might due to a slow internet connection causing a delay, or perhaps the sound is […]