BullCharts Backup and Restore – problems you might encounter

When performing a BullCharts Backup and Restore, there are some things you might encounter by surprise, as follows.

Some User Files are stored “per user”

Firstly, it is important to understand that some BullCharts user data files are stored within the Program Files directory, but some are stored within the user’s own Windows environment (see the examples quoted below).

One way to find where all of the BullCharts User Data files are stored is to use the BullCharts menu option: Tools > Preferences > Files (tab).

Can’t find my IntelliCharts files

On my own desktop computer, my IntelliCharts files are stored down this folder path:

C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Roaming\BullSystems\BullCharts\BullCharts IntelliCharts.

The key entry along that folder path is “Robert” which is the user’s Windows name on this computer. If you want to restore your BullCharts files to another computer, then after restoring the old IntelliCharts files you might need to go hunting for the location of these files on the new computer, and manually move the files from one folder to another.  [To find where your files are located, use the BullCharts menu option: Tools > Preferences > Files (tab).]

Can’t find my Default Template

This is the same issue as described above, because the Default Template is stored in a folder path such as:


My BullCharts Toolbar layout was not copied

If you are copying your BullCharts files from one computer to another, and the version of BullCharts is the same on both computers, then you will not encounter this problem. However, if you have different versions of BullCharts on the two computers, then there will be a mismatch with the file: “ToolbarLayout.dnb”. That’s because a part of the filename is the BullCharts version. The filename for version 5.1.59, for example,  is actually: ToolbarLayout.

The other complication with copying the Toolbar layout file is that like the IntelliCharts file above, it is stored in a folder path that includes the user’s Windows login name. So if the user name is different on the two computers, you will need to do the restore on the target computer, and then go hunting for the restored Toolbar Layout file and copy it to the correct folder.

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