BullCharts – Some Real User Strategies

Real User Strategies

Over the years we have had a few BullCharts users demonstrate their own stock selection and trading strategies in our User Group webinar sessions. Many of these sessions have been recorded, and uploaded to YouTube for general viewing.

Caveat: Please bear in mind that some of these videos are a few years old, and might describe some features that have been modified, and of course newer features won’t appear in the older videos.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that any of the below strategies can be successful. These strategies might work and be profitable in the hands of the strategy designer and creator, but can be doubtful in the hands of another trader. (We have to say this.)

Peter Furner – Demonstrating how he uses BullCharts (August 2022)

[ref: 202208]

In this 50 minute BullCharts User Group webinar recording, Peter Furner steps us through his strategy for finding stocks using the BullCharts software. Key points include:
* Supertrend indicator (now available for BullCharts users in the Google Drive;
* Using Darvas Box with adjusted parameters;
* A custom indicator ribbon to simplify the trading signals from the chart;
* A BullCharts scan to find stocks meeting key selection criteria.

Des Bleakley – “PMV – A Trend, A Trend – My Kingdom for a Trend” (July 2022)

[ref: 202207]

In this 85 minute recording from the User Group webinar, Des Bleakley shares his latest trend-trading strategy (referred to as “PMV”), with back-testing details. Key points include:

  • Rotational trend trading strategy.
  • Using the ASX300 as the Stock Universe.
  • Looking for key criteria: (a) rising [P]rice, (b) rising [M]omentum, (c) rising [V]olume ideally with a [B]reakout, and (d) Moving Average Golden Cross (aka X).
  • A market filter is used, to reduce the risk in adverse market conditions.
  • The strategy is a weekly strategy and runs a BullCharts Multi-Scan (actually three scans together) across three time periods – Monthly, Daily and Weekly.
  • The stocks are ranked by “trend strength” using the ROC.
  • An Exit Strategy is included.
  • Des has used RealTest for backtesting – https://mhptrading.com/
  • The “Index Builder” BullCharts indicator is demonstrated in the webinar recording.

David Woodside – Sharing my Strategy – Hunting for Trending Stocks (April 2022)

[ref: 202204]

In this 45 minute BullCharts User Group webinar session recording, David shares some of his trading strategy tips regarding trending stocks, including a discussion about the HHV and LLV BullCharts functions – Highest High Value and Lowest Low Value – and a few other technical analysis indicators and tools.

Phil H – GoScore (March 2022)

[ref: 202203]

This video is a 45 minute recording from the BullCharts User Group webinar (March 2022), and BullCharts users can also see the BullCharts scan and some screen shots slides in the BCUG Google Drive facility.

Session details and key points covered include:

  • BullScript
  • BullCharts indicator ribbons
  • Using multiple Moving Averages and a custom ribbon to show the same.
  • The BullCharts scan that Phil shares is a BullScript scan, comprised of easy-to-read script statements. (The scan is available in the BCUG – Google Drive).
  • Coding a simple script statement.
  • Coding the IF statement in script.
  • Showing how to use BullScript to test if the latest share price is above an EMA curve.
  • Heikin Ashi candles.
  • Pivot Point Resistance levels, and the Typical Price.
  • Guppy Count Back Line (CBL).
  • Disparity Index indicator.
  • Donchian Channel.

This video is a 45 minute recording from the BullCharts User Group webinar (March 2022), and BullCharts users can also see the BullCharts scan and some screen shots slides in the BCUG Google Drive facility.

Col Briody – Moving Average Cross-over (January 2022)

[ref: 202202]

This is a 42 minute edited recording of Col describing his Moving Average Crossover strategy, in the January 2022 BullCharts User Group webinar. The actual BullCharts scan definition file (and the Trade Plan) is available for users in the Google Drive. This session also includes some great BullCharts (software) tips including:

  • How to set up a Moving Average Cross-over scan criteria.
  • How to run a BullCharts scan “as at earlier date”.
  • Customising the BullScan Manager to make it faster to find scans.
  • All about the key scan fields: Scan Name, Category, Author.
  • Using the scan Notes field to store useful comments and info about the scan.
  • The “Show…” option in scans, to show the specific data value.
  • Some insights into using BullScript, including the IF statement.
  • Back-testing using TradeSim, and looking at the output.
  • How to include fundamental analysis items in the scan.
  • Using a “lop-sided” Bollinger Bands indicator.
  • How to change the colour of you price chart background.
  • The BullCharts Price Chart Memo feature.
  • Candle colours explained: “Price change since previous”.

This video is a recording from the BullCharts User Group webinar (January 2022), and BullCharts users can also see the BullCharts scan, the Trade Plan, and some screen shots slides in the BCUG Google Drive facility.

Measuring Trend Strength – Robert Brain (Sept 2021)

[ref: 202109]

In this BullCharts User Group webinar meeting we set out to explore the variety of Trend and Trend Strength chart (technical analysis) indicators and charting tools to help us identify the strongest performing stocks. This video is an edited version of the recording at the Sept 2021 BullCharts User Group meeting. It includes a multitude of examples and scenarios. A list of the many tips (like a list of contents for the video) follows here:

  1. TIP: The BullCharts Tooltip can be disabled, or enabled. See menu option: Tools – Preferences – “Show chart tooltips…”. But having it enabled can cause problems if you have a lot of text inside BullCharts Text boxes (see video recording at the 1 minute mark). 
  2. TIP: How to change the default values for the appearance of a BullCharts tool. eg. change the straight line segment, or Moving Average indicator, etc., to always be a dotted line and a different colour (at 8 min)
  3. TIP: Use the BullCharts Trend Ruler to show the percentage change over time (at 9.5 mins).
  4. TIP: When inserting an indicator, use the menu option: Insert – Indicator, or use the keyboard shortcut: (Ctrl)+i (from 11 minutes).
  5. TIP: How to more quickly navigate the long list of indicators when adding to the price chart (11min 30sec).
  6. TIP: When inserting an indicator, click on ‘Next’ to change various parameters such as the “Location” of the indicator (eg. on the Price pane, or New pane, etc.) and so on. (12 min)
  7. TIP: “Stack indicators” to literally stack the indicator panes one behind the other (12:40).
  8. TIP: How to find where the BullCharts indicators are stored on your computer, and how to determine which ones are the standard supplied indicators versus the Custom Indicators. It can be useful to know where they are. (17 minutes).
  9. TIP: Use Training Mode (and the Training Mode Toolbar) in BullCharts to cover up the recent price action, and then analysis and ponder the chart. (22:20)
  10. TIP: Add a horizontal line to an indicator (such as the ADX), change the line thickness and colour, and “save as default”. (27 minutes).
  11. Divergence of share price to an indicator. Example shown in the video (35 minutes).
  12. Alan Hull’s HAVROAR and HATROAR indicators (HAVROAR for longer term inVestors and HATROAR for shorter term Traders). (37m40s)
  13. TIP: When looking for an indicator in the long list, you can choose the Author “Category” by scrolling down to the list of authors (past the at 39 minute mark).
  14. Moving Average Oscillator – Shown as a histogram instead of the normal line/curve (42m 40s).
  15. Moving Average Oscillator – Use the indicator properties and the Styles option to change from Histogram to something else (see adjacent screen shot). (45m 20s). 
  16. TIP: Note Bearish Divergence, and an example to help clarify. (46 minutes)
  17. John demonstrates how to “colour fill” the areas inside the MACD indicator (46+ minute).

Robert Brain
Moderator, BullCharts Forum and KB.

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