Security Manager – Other Lists: indices, commodities, crypto

Security Manager Other Lists - Indices, Commodities, Crypto
Security Manager Other Lists – Indices, Commodities, Crypto

In more recent versions of BullCharts (from about version 5.1.59 in July 2021) there are now additional lists of information within the Security Manager including (see the screen shot at right):

  • Global Indices – listing several of the global indices;
  • SP500 – listing the stocks in the S&P500 index
  • Commodities – a short list of commodities
  • Crypto – a list of cryptocurrencies

The items shown in these lists is not a complete and exhaustive list of the items, but lists the more popular items and it gives examples of the format to use for each type of security.

Where does this data come from?

The information in the “Other Lists” section of the Security Manager is bundled with the other already-provided information in Security Manager, and is automatically updated from time to time with your BullCharts data downloads.

How to use this information?

If you want to create and manage your own list of global indices, or commodities, or cryptocurrencies, you can use these lists as a basis to create your own watchlist, and then have total control over the contents.

If you are interested in a more complete list of global indices, or commodities, there is another way to get the list, as explained below.

Complete list of Global Indices

There is a web-based list of global / world indices which you can view, and search through, in order to find the desired code, or copy and paste  some codes into your Security Manager. For more details, refer to the KB article here:

Additional databases

For a more complete list of Global Indices, and a list of Commodities, you can download the additional databases. See more information and download instructions here.




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