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Some cryptocurrencies now chartable in BullCharts

In 2020 and 2021 cryptocurrencies have grabbed the attention of many people wanting to climb on board. The BullCharts software can now show the price chart for some of these cryptos. So not only can you view the price performance in recent months (and years where the data is available), but you can perform your normal technical analysis studies to determine whether you think it is a buy, hold, or sell. That is, assuming that you are convinced that you want to be involved in this relatively new asset class (many people don’t).

A simple price chart of Bitcoin (using a log price scale and USD) is shown here without any of the trend lines or indicators that are available in BullCharts.

Which currencies?

BullCharts can currently show price charts for at least the following (in USD):

Cut and Paste for your WatchList


How to view the cryptocurrencies

The price data for these items are included in the BullCharts INDEX database. So you will need to download the INDEX database from the BullCharts Downloads page.

If you already have the INDEX database, then it will appear in the Security Manager panel as shown in the screenshot at right.

If it is not shown in the list, then you might need to refresh your INDEX database by going to the BullCharts Download page, and download the latest version of the database.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for your education and interest only. There is NO suggestion that you should consider trading in this asset class.

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