Customising the chart windows title bar

The Title Bar in the chart window provides a snapshot of data on the chart.  The default displays the values of the Indicator as an example. To change the default settings, right hand click on the pane that you wish to change.  It will display a menu. At the bottom […]

Crypto Currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc

Some cryptocurrencies now chartable in BullCharts In 2020 and 2021 cryptocurrencies have grabbed the attention of many people wanting to climb on board. The BullCharts software can now show the price chart for some of these cryptos. So not only can you view the price performance in recent months (and […]

BullCharts:MetaStock Activation

Activating the MetaStock service Overview The MetaStock data service allows you to read MetaStock files that are provided by other data suppliers.  MetaStock files do not get imported into the BullStore database, rather they are opened directly. Before using MetaStock data, you need to Activate Data Services.  The Activation System […]

Overlay indicatators on the same pane

Select Insert then Indicator from the main menu Select an Indicator.  Click Next to view the advanced settings. On the Location tab there are the options to add a New Pane or overlay the indicator on an existing pane. To overlay an indicator on a pane that has an existing […]