Stock Movement Bar Colour System

Stock Movement Bar Colour System BullCharts can display a colour scheme or colour method  for the price plot to provide additional information on the movement of the stock. Single colour Single colour is the default colour system with no indication of price movement. Price change since prev Price change since […]

Understanding Candlestick Patterns

Understanding Candlesticks Candlesticks area powerful way to analyze the trend of a stock graphically. An excellent book on candlesticks is The Secret of Candlestick Charting by Louise Bedford. Parts of the candlestick The White Candle A White Candle is where the close is higher than the open. The Black Candle […]

Teamviewer Upgrade

What version do I have? Click on Help then About Teamviewer. How to Upgrade Click on the Download arrow in Teamviewer. Click on the highest version number.  The version number will change over time and so may not be the same as below.  In this example 15.2.2756. Teamviewer will close.  […]

BullCharts Renewal

Thank you for renewing with BullCharts! Here are some useful links to help. Missing historical data If you have rejoined and have missing historical data, follow these notes. BullCharts for Windows 10 for an existing installation of BullCharts BullCharts 5.0 Reset for 4k Monitors if the Toolbar icons […]

Trend Mircro

Trendmicro Error: BC Data Downloader Not Found Trend Micro Many users are using Trend Micro.  Here are  notes how to create an exception. BullCharts Folder Allow exception for the BullCharts folder – normally C:\Program Files (x86)\BullSystems BullCharts Data Downloader Add BCDownloader.exe as an exception. c. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\BullSystems\BullCharts  then […]

Metastock 17 What’s New

What’s New QuoteCenter QuoteCenter is your one-stop spot to see the current status of the securities that you are interested in. You can view your pick list, your positions, your indices… any list you choose. More than that, you can easily build and set up lists using QuoteCenter. Sort […]

BullCharts Version 5.0 Icons too large

BullCharts 5.0 BullCharts 5.0 is designed for hi-res 4K monitors.  After installing Version 5.0 you may need to reset the defaults. Go to the Tools menu then select Preferences. On the General tab, untick the Remember menu/toolbars layout and customization and click OK.  This will reset the icon size for 4k […]

Slow scans and charts

Problem You may find with BullCharts 4.0 and above that your charts and scans maybe slower on older hardware. BullCharts relies heavily on your hard disk to preform many tasks. Solution We recommend using a fast SSD drive 540mps or above to speed up the scan speed and rendering of […]

Parititech Data Download Times

Generally these are the times.  Data from overseas can vary when is made available to us hence can be later then we expect.  We keep monitoring and update as soon as available.  World Indices and Metals can be late and some technical issues if late which we are trying to […]