AnyDesk Temporary Remote Access

Remote Access Click on this You will see this:  2.Do you see this in the browser?  Click on the 3 dots. 3.Then click on  Downloads 4. Should see this…   5. Click on AnyDesk to install. 6. Then tell me what is Your Address      

Candlesticks – Spinning Tops

Understanding Spinning Tops BullScript [target=price;Alias=SpinningTop] _diff := 100 * Abs(Open-Close)/Open; _openCloseDiff := if(_diff < 0.1,true,false); _highLow:= if(High > close and High > open and Low < close and low < open,true, false); [linestyle=marker;] _openCloseDiff and _highLow; How to add a new indicator    

Elliot Wave

We have limited support for Elliot Wave. One is the  Elliott Wave Oscillator Indicator. In general you could try indicators created for other programmes like Metastock and convert for BullCharts.

BullCharts User Group

The Australian BullCharts User Group has been running since 2006, and continues to meet on a monthly basis in-person (with COVID behind us) in Oakleigh (Melbourne) and in an online webinar. See more details below. Online Monthly Webinar Meetings Who can join in: All BullCharts users are welcome to participate. Dates: […]

Customising the chart window pane title bar

Firstly, note that a price chart can comprise of one or more panes, including the volume pane, plus possible indicator panes, and more. The Pane Title Bar is the upper most “ribbon” of information in each pane of the price chart. Price pane title bar The pane title bar in […]

Crypto Currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc

Some cryptocurrencies now chartable in BullCharts In 2020 and 2021 cryptocurrencies have grabbed the attention of many people wanting to climb on board. The BullCharts software can now show the price chart for some of these cryptos. So not only can you view the price performance in recent months (and […]

BullCharts:MetaStock Activation

Activating the MetaStock service Overview The MetaStock data service allows you to read MetaStock files that are provided by other data suppliers.  MetaStock files do not get imported into the BullStore database, rather they are opened directly. Before using MetaStock data, you need to Activate Data Services.  The Activation System […]