BullScript: Trade Functions

EntryTrigger Usage EntryTrigger Description The EntryTrigger keyword is only available in a few specific areas of the TradeSim scans. Specifically it can be used in any BullScript that is part of the Exit tab or the general tab. EntryPrice returns true on days when the criteria on the entry tab […]

BullScript: Text Functions

Left Usage LEFT(TEXT,N) text Some text, such as a company name n The number of characters to return. Description Returns the n left most characters of text. If n is larger than the number of characters in text then text is returned. Remarks The text functions work with text data, […]

BullScript: Indicator Functions

Indicator Functions This section describes many of the indicator functions that can be used in BullScript. Many of these indicators are written in BullScript themselves, and use the alias attribute to make themselves available to other scripts. Accumulation Swing Index Usage ASWING(LIMITMOVE) limitmove Limit on movement. Description Calculates the accumulation […]

BullScript: Highest/Lowest Functions

Highest/Lowest Functions This section lists functions specifically designed to identify the highest and lowest bar in a range. Highest Usage HIGHEST(EXPR[,N]) HHV(EXPR[,N]) expr The expression being evaluated. n The number of bars over which expr is evaluated. Description Returns the highest (numerically largest) value expr has assumed over the last […]

BullScript: Date and Time Functions

Date and Time Functions This section explains how to work with functions that operate on dates and times. Functions include the ability to input a date as a parameter, and extract certain parts of the date, such as month. Date Usage DATE(YEAR,[MONTH,[DAY,[HOUR,[MINUTE,[SECOND]]]]]) year The year as a 4 digit number. […]

BullScript: Pattern Recognition Functions

Pattern Recognition Functions This section lists functions used to identify simple patterns such as gaps and crossovers. Also refer to the candle patterns section for candle specific functions. Cross Usage CROSS(EXPR1,EXPR2) expr1 First data source for testing crosses. expr1 Second data source for testing crosses. Description If expr1 crosses above […]

BullScript: Candle Pattern Functions

Candle Pattern Functions This section describes a number of functions built into BullScript designed to identify candle patterns. Unless otherwise stated, each function returns true if the pattern is completed on the current bar. It is important to realize that all of our reversal candle patterns must be preceded by […]

BullScript: Mathematical Functions

Mathematical Functions This section lists a variety of mathematical functions including statistical functions, trigonometry, and rounding. Absolute Value Usage ABS(A) a A number. Description Finds the absolute value of a. That is, the value of a without regard to sign. The abs function is often used to calculate the difference […]

BullScript: General Functions

General Functions This section describes basic BullScript functions used to make decisions, refer to other data bars, call other scripts and input data. AllFalse Usage ALLFALSE(EXPR, N) expr A yes/no (boolean) expression that is evaluated every bar. n The number of bars over which expr is evaluated. Description If expr […]