Paritech Data Director 3 – Lost tick boxes

Sometimes  when = the account is reset the preferred settings of which stocks to download ire lost.  The question is what were the previous settings. You will notice the Directory column is the actual folders on your hard disk. Open up your File Explorer to view the directory. The C:\shares […]

BullCharts: Missing synchronisation button

Synchronisation Button The Synchronisation buttons is useful to link synchronise charts with the same symbol. Missing Synchronisation Button The Synchronisation Button is part of the Workspace toolbar. Go to View then Toolbars and check if the Workspace Toolbar is selected with a tick Select the Workspace option to display the […]

Metastock Upgrades

Metastock 10 and earlier versions Unfortunately Metastock 8, 9,10 are no longer available for activation. They are very old versions and the permissioning servers that where used no longer exist. So there is no way to activate the earlier versions. Upgrade Price $229USD Upgrade and Support Metastock will be available […]

Paritech Data Director 3: Moving to another computer

Paritech Data Director 3: Moving to another computer You have just bought a new computer and what to move your Data Director 3 to the new computer. Option 1: Install Data Director 3 The quickest way is to install Data Director 3 on the new computer.  This will enable you […]

Windows 10 How to rename a folder

Metastock Data History Sometimes the Metastock data files become corrupt including the Smart Chart files.  The best way is to download a new history.   This is done by renaming the folder c:\shares and downloading the history again. How to access the File Explorer If you are on a Mac – […]

Paritech Data Director 3 Installation

Data Director 3 Download Data Director 3 DD3 ver Downloading and Installing Data Director  Select the desired download option above.  A window asking you to either Run or Save will appear.  Choose Save to Disk.  Save the file to either My Documents (Windows XP) or Downloads (Windows 7/8/10) and […]

Metastock: Previous Vesions

Please Note: Metastock 10 and 11 require online activation if reinstalled – unfortunately the parent company “MetaStock” has removed all activation servers. This mean if you reinstall MetaStock 10 or 11 they can no long be activated and will only work for the initial 30 day period. Also, if you […]

Metastock: Installing, registering and using MetaStock 15 and 16

1. After the Metastock 15/16 order is placed and you have received your confirmation and login emails please go to and click on My Account the select Login (see image below) 2. Once the Login screen appears enter your registered email address in the “New to and follow the […]