BullScript: Error Codes

Error Codes

When BullScript encounters an error it will give an error code. Use the list below to learn more information about a particular error.

Some code was expected at a certain point, but none was found. This typically happens if a formula stops in the middle without concluding. E.g. 1 +
An opening bracket was found, without a matching closing bracket. E.g. (1 + 2
A closing bracket was found, but it doesn’t have a matching opening bracket. E.g. 1 + 2)
To the right of a dot, there was something other than a single variable name. E.g. myformula.my variable. This  is not legal since ‘my’ and ‘variable’ are seen separately by BullScript. You can�t have a variable name that contains spaces.
To the left of a dot, there was something other than a formula found.
Something was used as a formula, but that formula has not been entered, and there is no built-in function with that name. Perhaps you forgot to enter the formula, or perhaps the formula name was misspelt.
A variable within a formula was accessed using formula.variable syntax, and formula is a valid formula, but it doesn’t contain a variable with the name given. Maybe the you misspelt the variable name?
The script appears to be attempting to call a function, but the bracket syntax isn’t correct. Perhaps brackets don’t match?
A function or formula was called, but the wrong number of parameters was supplied. E.g. add(4) or add(5,4,8).
A function or formula was called, and a non-constant parameter was supplied where a constant parameter is required. E.g. mov(C,V). This is illegal because the second parameter to mov must be constant.

Alternatively, this error can also be triggered if a constant is of the wrong value. E.g. mov(C,-10).

This is illegal because a moving average can’t be calculated over a negative number of periods, and so the function guards against this.

An operator was logically expected but none was found. E.g. 1 2. Some Some kind of operation is expected between ‘1’ and ‘2’ but there is nothing there.
Something was found which looks like it’s meant to be a number, but it’s not correctly formatted. E.g. 1.2e or 1.22.4
A string wasn’t closed properly before the end of the formula. Perhaps you forgot to put in a closing quote? E.g. input(“Enter the number of periods,5,0,10)
A valid variable, formula, or function name was found, but there is no known variable, formula, or function with that name. Perhaps you misspelt it, or forgot to add in a formula earlier? E.g. myvariable := 5; myvaraible * 2
A variable with the same name was defined twice in the same formula. E.g. myvariable := 5; myvariable := 2
A formula with the same name was entered twice.
To the left of the assignment operator, :=, there  was something other than a valid variable name. E.g. 5 + 4 := 9
A variable name was not in a correct format, it contained illegal characters, or is a reserved language keyword.
A formula was entered which is empty of any plots or assignments.
You have tried to remove a formula, but it can’t be removed, because other formulae use it.
A comment isn’t closed before the end of a formula.

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