CHAPTER 31: Darvas Boxes

Overview Nicholas Darvas, author of “How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market” used a simple method for trading based on constructing boxes of trading ranges. BullCharts allows you to easily view and search for Darvas Boxes. Important: The notes that follow, and their application, should not be interpreted as […]

CHAPTER 30: Trading with the Authors

Trading with the Authors BullCharts integrates major strategies developed by influential authors and active traders rarely included in a single package to give you the best choice of tools. Charting in a Nutshell, Alan Hull Alan Hull Range Rising and Falling Indicator p.70-73 Alan Hull Money Histogram p.68-70 Price/Volume Breakout […]

CHAPTER 29: Understanding Candlesticks

Understanding Candlesticks Candlesticks area powerful way to analyze the trend of a stock graphically. An excellent book on candlesticks is The Secret of Candlestick Charting by Louise Bedford. Parts of the candlestick The White Candle A White Candle is where the close is higher than the open. The Black Candle […]

CHAPTER 28: Training Mode

Overview Training Mode is a very useful tool for back-testing in analyzing price movements without the distraction of the complete chart. This will help you hone your skills in determining trends and price patterns. Different time periods, indicators and drawing tools can be overlaid on the chart to assist in […]

CHAPTER 27: BullCharts Preferences

Overview Different users have different expectations, and use BullCharts in different ways. Although BullCharts initial configuration should work reasonably well for most users, you can use the BullCharts Preferences dialog to customise how BullCharts behaves in certain situations. How to find the Preferences dialog To open the Preferences dialog, open […]

CHAPTER 26: Data Email Manager

Overview BullCharts has access to the Data Email Manager, where you can have price updates emailed to you on a regular basis, for any or all of the securities you can chart in BullCharts. You can choose securities in a variety of pre-defined groups, add securities individually, or a combination […]

CHAPTER 25: Derivatives

Overview Derivatives reports contain information on Exchange Traded Options and Warrants. Such information includes a listing of all the available contracts, pricing, and details on each contract. Starting Derivatives To access Derivatives, point to Derivatives on the Actions menu. Available Reports Available reports are described in the following table: This […]

CHAPTER 24: Security Information

Overview Security Information includes a number of reports that give detailed information about individual securities. The available reports include the Security Summary, as well as a Tax Report and reports on Dividends and Adjustments. Security Summary is an overview of a chosen security. It gives basic details for the security, […]

CHAPTER 23: Pricing Information

Overview The Pricing reports give you information about trading prices for a particular security. You can see a security’s price history, view information about today’s trades, or view the various bid and ask prices to help predict what prices will be coming next. To access Pricing reports, go to the […]

CHAPTER 22: Reports

Overview The Reports section of the BullCharts Actions menu contains various reports that do not fit into any other category: New Issues lists all of the companies that will raise capital on the ASX in the near future. Recent Issues lists all of the companies that have recently raised capital […]