Installing BullCharts with AVG Antivirus programme

AVG message on install AVG Detection Threat: Unknown  AVG has prompted for a user response for a unknown threat with BCDataDownloader.exe.  This is used to update your daily data. It is safe to continue as no real threat has been identified. select More options  Select Allow Select Yes AVG will add […]

US Data not updating

Problem After downloading the historical data tool for US data, the chart is not updating.  The US database maybe corrupted. Solution Please download the US Data Tool again. Updating Missing Data Daily updates for each exchange is controlled by the BullCharts Data Downloader. Tools then Get Daily Data. Select the […]

BullCharts Upgrade did not change version number

Problem BullCharts Upgrade did not change version number.  This may be because the Upgrade dialogue box is hidden and hence waiting for input. Solution a. The dialogue box BullCharts Upgrade may be hidden in the background.  The tab to bring it to the foreground will be on your toolbar. Select […]

BC Data Downloader not found.

Problem BC Data Downloader not found! message appears when running BullCharts. The BCDownloader is missing or has been removed. It is likely that an anti-virus programme has deleted BCDownloader.exe.  BCDownloader.exe  runs in the background to download the daily data and maybe regarded by some anti-virus programmes as matching the profile of a […]


Download Teamviewer Download Teamviewer Scroll to and click on the green DOWNLOAD TEAMVIEWER link. In Chrome the file downloaded will show in the bottom left corner. Click on   to open the menu to then Open and install the programme. Select Open Select Basic and Personal  Search on Teamviewer, then select to […]