BullCharts Remote Access (Short version)

1. Download and install Screen Connect 1a. FIRST Download To provide permission to temporarily allow remote access, download & run the remote app located at: http://download.weblink.com.au/bullcharts/screenconnect.msi 1b. NEXT Run to install the file if using Microsoft Edge. Using Microsoft Edge Next, you will see it starting to install and disappear from the […]

BCDataDownloader can’t be started: AVG AntiVirus Free

Problem Daily data is not updating or is out of date in BullCharts.  In addition, the dialogue box for Get Daily Data does not appear when selected. Solution This may be due to the settings of your anti-virus programme blocking BCDataDownloader.exe Open AVG AntiVirus Free program At the top, click […]

BullCharts Version 4.5

BullCharts 4.5 – How to Upgrade Please note this is an upgrade to an existing installation and requires BullCharts to be already installed. Step 1 Close BullCharts Step 2 Download BullCharts 4.5 Upgrade Step 3 Run the file to install Step 4 Start BullCharts.

Database disk image is malformed

Problem Database disk image is malformed. The database has become corrupted. Solution Close BullCharts Using Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\BullSystems\BullCharts\Databases Delete BullStore.sqlite Download the ASX Data Tool.

This app can’t run on your PC

Error Solution This is a new issue that we are not familiar with and may be related to a recent update to Windows 10. We suggest trying the following: Reboot/Restart you computer as new updates may not be finished installing. Restart BullCharts.  If still an error, then continue on with […]

World Indices Symbols – How to find and use

This KB article explains how to find and use the index symbols for many global indexes. Master List Download the master list of indices from the website: https://bullsystems.com/indiceslistName.asp Frequency of Updates Daily Common Symbols LSE.UKX US.^DJI  US.^COMP US.^NYA  US.^SPX US.^NI225 US.^HSI US.^DAX US.^CAC40 US.^STI US.^RUT FTSE 100 Dow Jones Ind […]