How to export your BullCharts scan results

After running a BullCharts scan you will have a Scan Results Table which hopefully contains a few entries. If it doesn’t, then perhaps none of the stocks in the nominated watchlist(s) matched your scan criteria. In which case, if you are developing a scan and wanting to see some results, you should revisit the scan criteria and make some changes so as to produce some results.

When you set up your scan definition, you can include additional columns in the Scan Results Table by including extra criteria in your scan definition. One useful scan criteria is the “Show…” option to simply show the value of a data item in the results table.

Difference between the Scan Results Table and the Watchlists

Firstly, note that the watchlist called “Last Scan Results” will only contain three columns:

  • Security Symbol
  • Security Name
  • Comment column – which will contain some text indicating a “ranking” for each stock. This can be influenced using the “Initially sort by:” option in the Scan Properties, under the tab “4. Advanced”.

You could export the contents of this watchlist to a CSV file, but it will NOT include any of the other columns that might have appeared in the Scan Results Table.

Export the complete Scan Results Table (not the watchlist!)

Assuming your Scan Results Table does have some entries, you can export the complete scan results table (ie. all columns in the table) out to a CSV file, ready for import into: LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc or MS Excel or any other spreadsheet software. To do this, use either of the following steps:-

  1. Make sure to click once in the Scan Results Table to make it the “active” window pane, then use the BullCharts menu option: File > Export > Export and specify the folder location in which to store the exported CSV file.
  2. Make sure to click once in the Scan Results Table to make it the “active” window pane, then mouse right-click once, anywhere in the Scan Results Table, and from the drop-down menu select: Export > Export.


You might encounter an issue when attempting the above export:

  1. The exported CSV file is incomplete and contains only 3 columns – It seems as though you have exported the “Last Scan Results” watchlist, and not the Scan Results Table. Re-try the steps above taking care to export the Scan Results Table.


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