BullCharts iPhone App

We are pleased to announcement a companion iPhone app for our BullCharts users to allow you to monitor the market on the go.

This is a complimentary app for all BullCharts subscribers.  You will need your User ID and Password to login.

Main features

  • Price and latest announcements alerts to your iPhone as an onscreen notification or by email.
  • View a watchlist of stocks.
  • Access end of day data for international stock exchanges such as NYSE, NADAQ, LSE  as well as commodities and Forex.
  • Support for snapshot Live, Delayed and End of Day plans.
  • Browse ASX Announcements.
  • Market View with a quick overview of World indices, Currencies etc.

Where to download

Download BullCharts iPhone app from the App Store on your iPhone.

Search for BullCharts in the App Store.

IMG_8397      IMG_8398

Minimum OS


Is there an Android version?

Yes there will be, but there is no Android version at this stage. This is being planned but we don’t have a release data yet.

Accessing international data

BullCharts uses a prefix system for the different exchanges and data sources.  You can find the international stock codes to use in the BullCharts iPhone app by first searching in BullCharts.

  1. You need to setup BulllCharts first by downloading the various international databases.
  2. Then you will find the list of stock codes under Other in the Security Manager of BullCharts that you can then use the BullCharts iPhone app.

NASDAQ.stock code
NYSE.stock code
COM.commodity code
LSE.stock code
TSX.stock code
INDEX.index code
AMEX.stock code
US.stock code  (combined NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, INDEX)


img_6758    img_6757     img_6756



img_6730   img_6727   img_6728


Stock Quote

img_6731   img_6732   img_6733

img_6734    img_6735    img_6736


img_6738    img_6739

Market View

img_6741   img_6740  img_6742


If there any support requirements in using the app, please accompany your email with a screen shot (Not sure how?) to make it easier to assist.

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