BC Data Downloader not found.


BC Data Downloader not found! message appears when running BullCharts.

The BCDownloader is missing or has been removed. It is likely that an anti-virus programme has deleted BCDownloader.exe.  BCDownloader.exe  runs in the background to download the daily data and maybe regarded by some anti-virus programmes as matching the profile of a virus.

Disable (not uninstall) Trendmicro before installing BullCharts (Required)

There is an option from the System Try – bottom right hand side of the screen.


  1. Please upgrade BullCharts which will reinstall the missing file.
  2. To avoid BCDownloader.exe being deleted again, please add BCDownloader.exe as an exception as an allowed programme in your anti-virus programme.    Please check with the supplier to modify the settings.
  3. Change to a different anti-virus programme.  A few free ant-virus programmes are available.

Trend Micro

Many users are using Trend Micro.  Here are  notes how to create an exception.

BullCharts Folder

Allow exception for the BullCharts folder – normally C:\Program Files (x86)\BullSystems

BullCharts Data Downloader

Add BCDownloader.exe as an exception.

c. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\BullSystems\BullCharts  then click Open.

Then select BCDataDowloader.exe to add as an exception.

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