Online portfolio and watchlists

You are able to create a watchlist for viewing on multiple platforms, BullCharts,   WebLink and the BullCharts app.

To create an online watchlist

The Online Portfolio links with BullCharts and the watchlists in the BullCharts App.

  1. in Actions/Prices select Online Portfolios.

2. Select Create New WatchList and add name for the watchlist. Click OK.

3. Type in the symbols separated by a comma or space.

4. Click Add Symbols.

Your watchlist is now viewable in BullCharts, WebLink and the BullCharts app.

Copying symbols from your BullCharts Watchlist

  1. From you Security Manager, right-hand click on the watchlist you want to copy symbols from.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Select and copy the list of symbols into the watchlist.
  4. Insert into the Add Symbols box.
  5. Click Add Symbols.



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