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What’s New in BullCharts 4.5

BullCharts 4.5 is a maintenance release to stabilise certain components such as the BC Data Downloader and  other bug fixes.

  • Improve: Lost connectivity between the BC Data Downloader and the core BullServers.
  • Improve:  F5 to refresh chart for users accessing Metastock data
  • Add: True Strength Index Indicator added
  • Fix: Line studies disappearing when change workspace
  • Fix: Snapshot warning message when running scan after 5pm

What’s New in BullCharts 4.4

  • Able to add all symbols in watchlist to a chart.
    Drag and drop multiple symbols from a watchlist onto a chart.
  • Ease of toggling chart overlays  to hide or display on a chart.
  • Shortcut add Symbol overlay on chart.
  • Redesign the title header of a chart for clarity.
  • RSC Sector Scans
  • More detailed notes: What’s new in BullCharts 4.4

What’s New in BullCharts 4.3

  • Special support for interfacing MetaStock data with other applications, including additional exchanges.  This allows you to have one data subscription to support multiple applications.
  •  Enhancing the recent changes to enable price data from more exchanges.
  • The ability to have unlink selected charts when using the Sync all charts option.  This allows you to group a number of charts for syncing for one stock symbol, but create ‘orphan’ windows  to display other data in the same workspace.
  • Updates to the BullCharts Help, with a new online KnowledgeBase.
  • Many other smaller feature changes
  • More details What’s new in BullCharts 4.3

What’s New in BullCharts 4.2

We have moved to a new database manager that gives us:

  • More flexibility with different stock exchanges,
  • Automate the download of daily data
  • Easier backup
  • Easier installation
  • More details What’s new in Bullcharts 4.2

What’s New in BullCharts 4.1

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