IntelliCharts – What is it? How to use it?

About the BullCharts IntelliCharts feature

When you view a price chart it is easy to quickly draw a trendline on the chart, or drop a piece of text, or an icon like a little arrow, a number, or an icon symbol of a pair of spectacles (indicating to “watch”), or a little bomb (for example). And it is easy to then move on to view the chart for another stock, and drop annotations on that chart.

The BullCharts IntelliCharts feature can automatically remember your annotations on each chart, so that when you go back to a given stock, all these lines and text and things are still there.  And you can draw a different set of annotations for different time frames (ie. different for a daily chart versus a weekly or a monthly chart). If you don’t want BullCharts to remember these annotations then you can easily turn the IntelliCharts feature off.

See a 9-minute YouTube video that demonstrates all this (recorded in the January 2020 User Group webinar).



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