ex-dividend date indicator – how to add to your price chart

With a price chart of an Australian security, it is possible in BullCharts to add a vertical line to the chart to indicate the latest ex-dividend date. This is a standard chart indicator, and can be added in the same way as any other chart indicator.

Steps: Simply use the BullCharts menu option: Insert > Indicator.

Insert Indicator dialogue
Insert Indicator dialogue

Then in the dialogue box make sure to select “All Indicators” in the first drop-down (see the screen shot at right),
then scroll down to the entries that start with the letter E.
In the attached screen shot I have more indicators in my BullCharts system than what is supplied, but you should be able to find one in your list that says something like “ExDate Vertical Line“.

Remember that in many cases, the next ex-dividend date for a stock is often not announced until a few weeks prior. So if you are looking forward to the ex-div date for a stock, you might not be able to find the exact date until closer to the date. Nonetheless, the BullCharts database contains about 19 Fundamental value fields, one of which is the last ex-dividend date.

Note: That like other indicators in BullCharts, and in fact many chart elements, you can tweak the properties. In this case, you can change the Style and Thickness of this vertical line. For example, make it a dashed line so as not to obstruct any price or volume data.

Author: Robert Brain (aka Brainy)
Australian BullCharts User Group convenor


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