Not able to view ASX Announcement PDFs

Windows 10 and reading PDF announcements from within BullCharts Some users have reported PDFs not opening when viewed from within BullCharts after they have upgraded to Windows 10 even though they can read PDFs from websites with a message: BullCharts Framework has stopped working Suggestion 1 Reboot your machine then […]

Downloading and Installing ASX, US and Other Data

Download the required database You can download data for NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange (AMEX), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Global Indices, ASX Intraday Data (1 Minute data), Commodities, Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto Ventures Exchange. Close BullCharts Login into the download area of BullCharts BullCharts Download Site 2. Download the required […]

BullCharts Remote Access

Remote Support Access Read read the support article  fully to ensure everything is ready for BullCharts Supports in advance. For us to be able to connect: You need to be logged into your computer Your computer needs to be ‘awake’, not in sleep mode Your computer needs to be on […]

Using Metastock Data from a 3rd party provider

If are using Metastock from a 3rd party provider you will need a BullCharts Metastock key to read the data from a 3rd party.  Once you have the key, then a new menu in File will display Open Metastock. If you are a subscriber to BullCharts data, there is an […]