Security Manager Control Panel won’t dock

In the BullCharts software, the Security Manager / BullScan Manager / Control Panel can be visible, or hidden. By default it is docked at the right hand edge of the BullCharts window. It can be “unpinned” so that it will auto-hide and collapse into the right edge of the window so that a mouse-hover will cause it to pop up again. This panel is these days called the Control Panel and incorporates six different panels – Security Manager, BullScan Manager, Search, Layer Manager, Workspace Manager and Alert Manager.

This Control Panel can be undocked from the edge of the window, and dragged to any other position around the screen. It can even be dragged outside the BullCharts window, and onto another connected monitor.

In previous versions of BullCharts it was easy to re-dock the Control Panel against the edge of the BullCharts window, but this has changed in BullCharts version 5. It is still easy to do, by doing the following.

Firstly, if you don’t know how to undock it, simply hover the mouse cursor over the very top bar of the Control Panel – roughly where is says “Security Manager” or “BullScan Manager”, etc. Then use the mouse left-button to click and hold and drag the panel away from the edge of the window. And release the mouse button to place the panel wherever it is.

To re-dock the panel, we used to be able to click and drag the panel towards the (right hand) edge of the window, and after dragging it far enough past the edge it would automatically dock. However, in the latest versions of the underlying Microsoft code, what now happens is as follows (with reference to the screen shot at right – click on the image for a larger version):

  1. Left mouse “click and hold” on the header bar of the control panel and the mouse cursor will change to the four-way arrow cursor shown in the screen shot.
  2. When you do this, notice that three “Locating aids” appear across the middle of the window with situated at the middle left hand side, one at the middle right, and a double one in the very centre of the window.
  3. Simply mouse click-and-hold the top of the control panel, and drag it so that the cursor is positioned on top of one of these Locating aids. When you do this, a shaded area will be displayed to the right, or left, of the window to indicate the location where the control panel will be dropped.
  4. Now simply let go of the mouse cursor and the control panel will snap across to your chosen window edge.

Please note that this is no a bug, no glitch. This is how the software with underlying Microsoft software actually works. So please don’t submit a bug report.

Hope this is useful.


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