Function keys don’t work

There can be a situation where the function keys on your computer’s keyboard don’t seem to work as expected.

The BullCharts keyboard function keys

In BullCharts, some of the keyboard function keys should perform the following functions:

  • F1 – BullCharts Help – Will Open the BullCharts KnowledgeBase in a web browser window.
  • F3 – Stack indicators (menu option: View > Stack indicators) – When you have more than one indicator pane visible in the chart window, they can appear somewhat squashed up. The “Stack indicators” function will put all of these panes one behind the other so that only one is visible.
  • F4 – Change Symbol
  • F5 – Refresh the window.
  • F6 – View (or hide) the Security Manager.
  • F7 – Maximise the “active” chart pane (this is the last one that was in use, or in which you clicked the mouse).
  • F8 – View (or hide) the Control Panel.
  • F9 – Maximise or Restore the price pane.
  • F11 – Maximise the price pane in the monitor window, hiding the BullCharts toolbars and menu.
  • F12 – File > Save As.

What if the function keys don’t work?

On a computer where the function keys have no other function, such as on a desktop computer keyboard, there is usually no issue. However, on a laptop keyboard the function keys typically have two uses, and this is indicated on the keyboard key. In this case, the laptop might be set up to use the alternate operation and not the function key.

On an Acer laptop, the first five keys across the bottom of the keyboard (left to right) are typically: <Ctrl>, <Fn>, <Windows>, <Alt>, then the <spacebar>. In this case, to use the function key operation you need to hold down the <Fn> key (second from left) and then press the desired Function key.

This default operation can usually be changed on the laptop in the configuration settings. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on the brand of laptop. On the Acer laptop it is typically done in the Bios settings.  For more details for your specific brand, it is suggested you do a Google search here.

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