CHAPTER 30: Trading with the Authors

Trading with the Authors

BullCharts integrates major strategies developed by influential authors and active traders rarely included in a single package to give you the best choice of tools.

Charting in a Nutshell, Alan Hull

Alan Hull Range Rising and Falling Indicator p.70-73 Alan Hull Money Histogram p.68-70 Price/Volume Breakout Scan p. 79-81 Price Volume Breakout Marker p.80-85

Active Investing, Alan Hull

Alan Hull Rate of Return p.85-93 Money Flow p.94-95, Alan Hull MMA p. 192

Alan Hull Client Notes

Alan Hull Moving Average (HMA)

Alan Hull Active Investing Course Notes

Alan Hull Range Rising and Falling Indicator p.44 Alan Hull Rate of Annual Return (ROAR) p.45 Rate of Annual Decline Indicator (ROAD) p.46 (version 0312)

Alan Hull Active Trading Course Notes

Alan Hull Range Indicator p.19 Alan Hull Rate of Annual Return (ROAR) p.20 (version 0405)

Trading Tactics, Daryl Guppy

Guppy Multiple Moving Average p.130

Share Trading, Daryl Guppy

Countback Line p.153-158

Trend Trading, Daryl Guppy

Guppy MMA – Expert Ribbon p.221-22+2 Guppy Darvas Scan p.351, and contributions by Leon Wilson Guppy MMACD $, Guppy MMACD %, Guppy MMACD-H $, Guppy MMACD-H %

The Business of Share Trading, Leon Wilson

Reversal Scan p.383 Manual Scan p. 364 Breakout 2 Scan p.381 Breakout Scan p.380 Reversal System – %B Scan p.384, New Highs P. 379, Trading Stocks p.371, Trading Stocks 2 364 Turning Point Low p.385

How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market, Nicolas Darvas

Darvas Boxes

Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets – Stan Weinstein

Triple Confirmation Pattern Scan p. 148-157

The Secret of Candlestick Charting, Louise Bedford

SIROC p.123-124 Candle Patterns Compound Candles – Candle Addition p. 41-42. Relative Strength Comparison p.124-130

The Secret of Writing Options, Louise Bedford

Covered Calls – In the Money p.30-33 Covered Calls – Out of the Money p.30-33

Art of Trading, Chris Tate

Stop Loss Indicator p.73-80

Trading for a Living, Dr Alexander Elder

Elder Ray Bull Power or Bear Power p.220-227 Force Index p.227-234 MACD Histogram S-ROC – Elder p.146-151

Come into my Trading Room, Alexander Elder

SafeZone p.173-180 Chandelier Exit p.180-183 Impulse p.157-162

Technical Analysis for Trading Index Warrants, Chris Temby

Coppock Indicator p.70-76

Colin Nicholson

PM Coppock Indicator Technical Analysis for Trading Index Warrants, by Chris Temby p.72

Technical Analysis Explained 3rd Edition, Martin J. Pring

KST Oscillator p.164-174

The New Technical Trader, Chande & Kroll

Chande Volatility Trailing Stop p.167 Chande Momentum Oscillator p.108-14 Forecast p.40-42 Intraday Momentum Index (IMI) p.80-82 QStick p.73 Stochastics RSI p.124 Aroon Indicator September 1995 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities.

Dynamic Trading, Robert C. Miner

Time Extensions Time Retracements p.5.10-5.17 Price Extensions p.4.31Price Retracements p.4.6-4.19

Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders, Robert Fischer

Fibonacci Spiral p.133-164.

The New Fibonacci Trader, Robert Fischer

Fischer Ellipse p.138

Options: A Complete Guide for Australian Investors and Traders, 2nd Edition, Guy Bower

Volatility – Historical p.142

Bollinger on Bollinger Bands, John Bollinger

Bollinger %b p.60-63, 155, 157, 172, 173 Bollinger Bandwidth p.63-67 Intraday Intensity p.113, 114, 148-151, 180 RSI %b p.172-175 MFI %b p.172-175, Donchian Channel p.40

Momentum, Direction and Divergence, William Blau

Ergodic Candlestick Oscillator p.57-58 Stochastic Momentum Index p.83 Divergence Indicator p.14 True Strength Indicator p.1,3,5

Trends and Tripwires – Bill Wormald

Wormald Triangle

Trading Systems and Methods 3rd – Perry J. Kaufman

Elliott Wave Oscillator p. 358-361 Efficiency Ratio p. 613-614, Adaptive Moving Average p. 436-438

New Market Timing Techniques, Tom DeMark

TD Range Expansion Index p. 321-322 TD Range Projections p. 218,310 TD DeMarker Indicator p. 29-33

Rapid Fire Swing Trading, Stephen Pearce

Historical Volatility, Ratio Volatility – Historical (Traditional), Historic Volatility Ratio Scan

The Strategic Electronic Day Trader, Robert Deel

Average Dollar Price Volatility, Average Dollar Price Volatility Scan

How to Make Profits in Commodities, W. D. Gann

Gann Swing Charts p.316-325

Pattern, Price & Time, James A. Hyerczyk

Gann Percentage Retracement Price Levels p.230-234 Gann Angles P.180-230


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