BullCharts File Types

There are a number of different types of data files used within the BullCharts system, as listed below.

Most BullCharts users will not have to worry about these for everyday use of BullCharts; but it can be useful to know which is which when sending, or receiving, custom scans and custom indicators to/from other BullCharts users.

In order to easily find your user data files, use the menu option: Tools > Preferences > Files (tab).

Note: You can receive some BullCharts files from another user and easily add them into your BullCharts system. You might receive them via email, or download them from the web. You can add a custom scan or custom indicator to your BullCharts system by using Windows Explorer, or the Windows “Save As” function. Either way, if you do this whilst BullCharts has been running, you will then need to tell BullCharts that you have done this. If it was a custom scan, then use the menu option: Tools > Preferences > Scan and then the “Refresh” button. The same thing applies to a custom indicator you might have added. The alternative is to close BullCharts, and to restart it.

The BullCharts file types:

  • al – Alert file
  • bc – IntelliCharts files
  • bc – User’s price charts, created when using the menu option: File > Save.
  • bct – Chart template
  • bss – Chart indicator (also functions)
  • bw – Workspace
  • rtf – BullCharts Notes files which are specific to each security.
  • sc – BullCharts scan definition
  • sqlite – The database files
  • wl – Watchlist
  • ToolbarLayout.x.y.z.dnb – The BullCharts XML system file which contains information about the specific layout of toolbars on your system.

Robert Brain (User Group moderator)

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