How to backup and restore BullCharts user and data files

You may wish to backup your user and data files to move or copy your files to another or new computer or for restoring a failed system.


  1. Select Tools then Backup.

2. By default, all user files and stock data files are selected.

If you have already installed BullCharts on a new machine, it will have the ASX database by default.  It may not be necessary to backup and restore the Stock Database or the Metastock exported files.  The BullUser Database is required to be copied to a new machine.

3. Nominate  the Backup Location, either on your hard disk or direct to a USB memory stick, then select Backup.

A progress bar will appear.

And then a report on what has been backed up.

4. On the target computer, select Tools then Restore and then browse to the location of the backup files. Then select Restore.  

5. Restart BullCharts.

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