Paritech Data Director 3



DataDirector 3 РMarket Information at your finger tips

Markets available for you to access data include:
Australian Share Price Data
Full equities service, ASX including warrants and company options, both available in end of day and hourly snapshots, plus ETO data.

US Share Price Data
Full equities service available for AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ,

All prices of the data provided to you are carefully checked and any errors or omissions are corrected.

Historical data is accessible to you and extends back 15 years where available. However, there are some blue-chip companies and indices that provide historical information as far back as 1982.

Invest in reliable, accurate and timely data with Paritech for your trading success.

  • Only download what you need.
  • Keeping your database size to a minimum.
  • Works with any MetaStock format program. Groups all “Stocks” in one folder.
  • Keeps warrants and options separately.
  • One click to creates Index lists, ASX 300, ASX 200 ASX 50 etc.
  • One click to creates Sector lists, Banks, Retails, Energy, etc Covers all major overseas indices.
  • Checks your database and automatically knows what date range to update.
  • Extremely fast download speeds.
  • Automatically adjusts for stock splits and name changes.
  • No need to run DM after download Scans and deletes companies that are de-listed (after 3 months).
  • Periodically checks your database and repairs any potential problems.
  • Single click action.Using DD3 is simply a matter of selecting which database’s option wish to create and download then click “Update”. DD3 will then create and automatically maintain each database, this includes carrying out automatic maintenance for stock splits, consolidations, dilutions etc. DD3 will also automatically fix any corrupted data file. DD3 will also remove any stocks that have not traded for 3 months.

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